AN ANIMAL supplements provider could be allowed to expand its Monmouth base by purchasing land from the local authority.

Plans for a warehouse at Natural Animal Feeds were approved in 2015, but the firm are currently unable to access 2.85 acres of land they had purchased behind their site.

Monmouthshire County Council are considering selling a strip of land in the Wonastow Road Industrial Estate that would allow vehicles to use the warehouse.

A footpath which runs through the land and onto the NAF site would have to be accommodated in the area’s future design, a council report has said.

And planning permission would still have to be granted for the new access by the council’s planning committee.

“The disposal of the access will enable the expansion of a business within Monmouthshire and generate a capital receipt for the council,” the report adds.

The council are expecting the sale to raise £58,000, with NAF – a trading name of Greencoat Limited – bearing the costs of council fees associated with the sale.

Conservative councillor Jamie Treherne, member for Overmonnow, is quoted in the report: “It is certainly good news that a deal seems to have been reached between Greencoat and Monmouthshire County Council.

“A deal like this can only push through the view that the council supports local business.”

According to the NAF’s website it is an official supplier of equine supplements to the British Equestrian Team.

A decision on the sale will be made by a cabinet member on April 18.