TWO new roles could be created within Torfaen council as part of its proposals to save in excess of £50,000 per year by scrapping the mayoral functions.

As part of its 2018/2019 budget, the authority cut the positions of mayor and deputy mayor as well as a number of associated roles.

Councillors will look into plans to create new positions within the council – presiding member or chair of council and deputy presiding member or deputy chair of council.

In the report, written by Richard Edmunds, Torfaen’s head of strategic and democratic services, it outlines that some civic events will continue to be supported.

With no mayoral roles, the leader or executive member with a relevant portfolio will represent the council at such functions, although some events will no longer receive support.

“Moving forward, the executive member with the relevant portfolio will represent the council at the listed events and in the absence of an obvious portfolio holder, the leader,” stated the report.

The council will continue to support civic events including Armed Forces Day and Merchant Navy Day flag raising ceremonies, British Empire Medal (BEM) presentations, civic funerals, Fly the Flag for the Commonwealth, Holocaust Memorial Day, Remembrance Sunday and royal visits.

However, the local authority will be no longer support the civic heads dinner, civic Sunday, civic testimonials and mayor making events.

Parts of the mayoral support will be lost also in the change, with the civic car set to be returned, the removal of sundry budgets and the chauffeur.

The future of personalised licence plate for the civic car, the chain and robes and the mayor’s parlour are yet to be fully determined.

Mr Edmunds added in the report that the charitable aspect of the mayoral office may require the council to create a ‘fundraising champion’ role, providing it stays within funding resource levels.

The report stated: “Council may wish to appoint a fundraising champion to raise money for good causes, although the limitation of council resources will need to be a consideration.”

The matter will be discussed at the full council meeting on Tuesday, April 17 at 10am.