MORE than 20 burglaries have been reported in Torfaen in the last two weeks.

Gwent Police officers are warning all residents in Torfaen to remain vigilant to help prevent burglaries from taking place.

In the last two weeks, 28 burglaries have been reported including houses, sheds and garages in the Pontypool and Cwmbran areas.

The greatest amount of reported burglaries were in Greenmeadow and St Dials with nine and four respectively.

Officers are urging all residents to make sure people double check doors to make sure they are locked because more than half of the burglaries reported were following a door being left insecure.

Torfaen inspector Phil O’Connell said: "When we receive a report of a burglary, we know the impact that can have on homeowners and how devastating the impact can be, especially when expensive or sentimental items are stolen.

"We are investigating these incidents and are taking steps to identify the offenders however there is so much that residents can do to protect themselves.

"Just by simply checking all doors are locked is a quick deterrent to thieves who may try their luck."

The inspector added that there are also some other quick security tips that can help deter a criminal.

These include: Lock your doors and hide keys from view – never leave keys hidden such as under a mat or flower pot; don’t leave valuables such as handbags or mobile phones close to doors or somewhere that is easily visible from windows; consider covering windows in sheds to hide the prying eyes of burglars; always use a secure padlock on your garage door and shed and consider an alarm or security light; if you’re storing expensive items like bikes in your shed or garage, secure the bikes inside – either using a chain to secure them to other bulky items or secure them to the wall or floor with a lock."