A DAD from Caldicot thought his luck was in when he won £10 on a scratchcard – only to win a massive £1 million on a second.

Jacob Hodge, who opened a gardening business with a friend just two weeks ago, can now give up work altogether thanks to winning the life-changing sum on a National Lottery scratchcard.

The 26-year-old been living with his mum Amanda in Caldicot, but has now been able to buy a new home for himself and his partner Aimee Dayment and their three-year-old son – as well as upgrading his 2009 Seat Leon to his dream car – a brand new Audi RS3.

He said he had bought a couple of scratchcards from the Co-Operative in Newport Road, Caldicot, and was pleased to win £10 on the first. He had no idea the second was hiding an even bigger win.

He said: “I still feel quite sick about the win really, not like I would have expected to feel at all.

“It still hasn’t sunk in, although I’ve always said to the boys that I will have a win. It feels unreal.”

Mr Hodge said the first person he called was business partner Lee Griffiths, who was convinced he was lying, and then left a message for his partner before speaking to his mum.

“It definitely hasn’t really sunk in yet, but mum, Aimee and our son will definitely be getting lots of treats,” he said. “I went straight to my friend Ben Scroggs, who works for Audi the same day as finding out I won and after a place for us to live,

“I’ll be getting my teeth sorted out! I’ve been thinking about it for a while – getting the brightest white you can have – but £3,000 has always seemed a bit much, when there’s been so much else we’ve needed.

“Not anymore. I just can’t believe it.”