A BUSINESS which was ravaged by a fire and had £30,000 worth of damage caused has now re-opened its doors.

Aleasha Pilawa, who owns Mcintyre Tyres in Pontypool, had been left counting the cost after a blaze destroyed part of her company premises last Friday.

The fire in Clarence Road started at around 11pm and took a number of firefighters to bring the flames under control.

The business was later closed following the incident.

“I was devastated when it happened,” said Ms Pilawa, who is from Bargoed.

“The only positive is that no-one was killed because they could have been.”

The fire not only destroyed more than 30 tyres but also CCTV cameras and two storage sheds.

Workers had then been working round the clock to get the site re-opened as quickly as possible.

“We put in everything into getting this place open,” said the owner.

“When the fire happened, my staff and I were determined to clear the place up.

“We re-opened the business Tuesday.

“Parts of the inside looked awful. There were burnt out tyres and other items all over the place.”

She added: “I am just so pleased that we have been able to re-open the place.”

Mrs Pilawa has estimated that the fire caused £30,000 worth of damages.

“Originally we thought that the fire caused £15,000, she said.

“The original figure was bad enough. But when I started to add up the figures it came to £30,000.”

The mother-of-three said that she will not be able to cover all the costs.

“I am a single mum,” she said.

“Also I go to university so that means I do not have a lot of money to spend.

“I have no choice but to draw a line under what has happened. I do not have the money to cover all the costs.”

She added: “I am able to replace the tyres. But the storage sheds will not be replaced.”

News of the company having re-opened has been met with delight from Pontypool residents.

One local, Jayne McDonald, said she was “pleased”.

“I felt so sorry for them,” said the Tesco worker.

“I go there quite a lot and I know the owner well. The fire caused a lot of damage. I could see it from my house.

“I heard that the business was open again from a friend. I am pleased.”

Jeff Price, who lives in Broadway, Pontypool, said he was “surprised” at how quickly it had re-opened.

He said: “I saw them dragging burnt tyres and other things out. I am surprised that they have managed to get the place open again so quickly.”