PASSIONS ran high during an anti-Brexit rally in Gwent this weekend.

More than 40 people attended a Gwent for Europe organised rally at Cwmbran Stadium yesterday.

On the panel were Owen Smith MP, Lynne Neagle AM and barrister David Hughes, who all warned of the dangers of Brexit.

It was chaired by Steven Cox, who was the former head teacher of Fairwater High School (now known as Cwmbran High School).

Ms Neagle, who is the AM for Torfaen, said: "There will be a tsunami coming at us if we go ahead with Brexit.

"Our public services are already struggling under austerity.

"I am very proud to put my name to a letter calling for a people's vote on the final Brexit deal."

She added: "This is too big an issue to leave the decision to politicians in Westminster. This is a massive decision and we all need a say on it."

Mr Smith echoed similar remarks, saying: "They said it would be so easy to get back control and that we would be culturally, socially and economically stronger off out. They said all of this would happen quickly.

"The reality is that has not happened.

"This is nothing short of a catastrophe. There is no future in being isolated."

Remainers and leavers clashed which became heated in places.

One Brexiteer questioned the panel, saying: "Have you read the British constitution?

"This is treason. The people have voted to leave.

"Politicians should go with how their constituents have voted."

Another Brexiteer said: "How do you know Brexit will be a bad thing? It has not yet happened."

And another Brexiteer added: "I do not understand why people are going against what the people have said. They have said they want to leave."

John Miller, who is a Liberal Democrat, said he voted to remain during the referendum in 2016.

He said: "Gwent for Europe are to be commended for taking their fight into Brexit heartlands.

"A fierce debate resulted.

"It is a tough task to overturn what was a victory of emotion over logic."

Pontypool resident Gwyneth Spadaro-Duttuin said she is a "passionate" remainer and is calling for a "people's say".

"It can be called what ever you want it," she said.

"But we need a final say on the Brexit deal.

"It would not be fair to not give us a say."

And David Hando said: "Democracy is not frozen in time. The people can change their minds especially when circumstances change.

"Would the panel agree if there is not a people's vote that would be undemocratic."

Torfaen - alongside three other areas of Gwent - voted to leave the EU during the referendum.