DEVELOPERS have been asked to revise plans to build a house in Raglan described as a “humongous mass”.

An application to build a two-storey detached home in the back garden of a property in Caestory Avenue has drawn 60 registered objections.

Monmouthshire County Council’s planning committee heard from some objectors, including Raglan Community Council, at a meeting on Tuesday. The council say the development would have a “detrimental impact” on neighbouring houses in The Willows and Ethley Drive, as well as traffic implications.

Jonathan Pope, an Ethley Drive resident representing other residents, disputed claims by planning officers that the designs were in keeping with the area.

He said: “The proposal is 8.3 metres high at the ridgeline – this is 1.1 metres higher than the next highest in the vicinity, so it’s not similar in ridge height to neighbouring properties as stated. This proposal is four times bigger in square footage than the next largest house in the vicinity.”

Mr Pope claimed the development would create additional risk of more vehicles exiting and entering the property, describing the road as an “already treacherous double-blind bend”.

He added: “I reiterate the objections – too high, too wide, too long which leads to a humungous mass and bulk that overbears and overshadows.”

Conservative councillor Phil Murphy said the design was “quite acceptable” but noted that the location was not, adding: “I can’t support the present proposal.”

Independent councillor Debby Blakebrough said: “I’m concerned about the size, it’s far too high. It is too bulky."

But Labour councillor Roger Harris said: “This is incongruous in its setting and massing but we have a policy that we do allow this sort of development in gardens."

Conservative councillor Maureen Powell moved that the application be deferred for the developers to resubmit revised plans next month, a move which was subsequently approved.

Cllr Powell said: “I don’t think outright refusal is right at this moment. The number of comments from committee should make the developers realise that we don’t want to see something of this size on the plot."