A NURSERY in Cwmbran is celebrating a great year as its eldest children graduate.

Bellevue Nursery is a privately owned nursery with over 70 children between the ages of six weeks and five years, and is open all throughout the year.

The preschool is the first in south east Wales to hold six standards of excellence as a result of an Estyn report, which described the setting as warm and welcoming with an inclusive ethos.

The management team’s strive for excellence was also recognised in the report, as the private nursery received six excellent standards.

Lunch times are particularly busy at Bellevue Nursery, children take on different roles each week like doing the dishes and setting the table.

Staff have been invited to attend an Estyn awards evening to celebrate and share good practice in October, another first for Torfaen.

Alongside the positive inspection, they have received a highly recommended award for their Wales PPA quality for all assessments.

Senior Manager Nicola Geoghegan said: “The nursery’s amazing work deserves to be recognised. It’s not just the children but we do things in the community too.

“We visit the local complex for little sing along, and have invited residents into nursery.

“We always raise money for local charities each years, previously we have raised money for a residential home in Pontypool, SANDs (Newport & Cardiff Branch) the nursery manager and proprietor previously ran the Cardiff half marathon for Remission Possible.

In November 2017 the nursery raised £1414 for one of their children who was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

"Thankfully he is doing well," Ms Geohegan said.

“We just had a fantastic day at our preschool’s graduation concert. There was two concerts, one for the parents and a sing along in the afternoon for our children’s grandparents.

“We like to involve the grandparents as they are so influential in their young lives. The day was finished with party games.”