PEOPLE living in parts of Gwent are being affected by a failure if a water pump.

The Trevethin area of Pontypool has been hit by a pump failure and Welsh Water teams are working to get the pumps working again.

They said: "We're expecting everything to return to normal by later this afternoon."

The affected postcodes are:

NP4 8DG, NP4 8DR, NP4 8DS, NP4 8DT, NP4 8DU, NP4 8DW, NP4 8DX, NP4 8DZ, NP4 8EA, NP4 8EB, NP4 8ED, NP4 8EE, NP4 8EF, NP4 8EH, NP4 8EJ, NP4 8EL, NP4 8EP, NP4 8JY and the NP4 8LB.