CALDICOT’S ‘green’ spaces could be improved using £57,000 of funding under new proposals due to be considered by the local authority.

The Caldicot Green Infrastructure Corridors Project wants to enhance the perception of the town with more seating, tree planting and better active travel links.

A plan reveals that Newport Road and Woodstock Way, two main routes into the town centre, will be the project’s focus.

“The overall objective is to provide a more green and healthy place to live and to establish Caldicot as a thriving town with connections to the rich green infrastructure assets around the town centre,” said a Monmouthshire County Council report.

“This will focus specifically on two gateway improvements that will improve first impressions and set a quality standard for green infrastructure that will form part of future continuity projects, supporting and helping to deliver the council’s green infrastructure plan for pollinators.”

Almond, wild cherry, rowan and whitebeam trees could be planted on open spaces and verges along the two roads.

Orchard trees are planned for a green space near the King George V playing fields, along with a flagpole, information board and benches.

New flowers would fill the six existing planters in the town centre, with four plant climber frames also planned.

There are also plans to improve walking and cycling routes in and around the town centre with new signage from sustainable transport charity, Sustrans.

The report continues: “It is intended that these green infrastructure improvements will lead to a shift from local residents visiting the town centre by car to more access by walking and cycling.”

Funding for the project would be partly covered by a £30,000 grant from the Welsh Government’s Green Infrastructure Capital Fund.

The remaining £27,000 will come from section 106 money secured by the council as part of the Asda supermarket development in Caldicot.

If the scheme is approved by cabinet members on September 6, the council will have to spend the £57,000 before July 25, 2019.