A PERSONAL trainer who runs Monmouthshire's mountains most weeks has been revealed as one of six National Trust Wales nature ambassadors to inspire more people to spend time outdoors.

Finlay Mitchell, from Usk, is a Personal Trainer who uses his three local peaks - Sugar Loaf, Skirrid and Blorenge - to train and get his clients out of the gym.

Mr Mitchell completes every climb, whether he has walked or run, with a handstand at the summit.

The 26-year-old, who is joined on every run by his rescue dog, Ted, said: “We don't realise how good it is to just move. It keeps the muscles and joints mobile, blood pumping and has an amazing effect on our mental health.

“Life has become sedentary, we spend all day in front of a screen, we are losing the art of conversation. Take a friend for a walk, turn the phones off and enjoy the peacefulness nature can offer.

“Running up mountains sounds crazy, but it really does give you an immense feeling of satisfaction. The struggle to the top, no matter how you get there, is always worth it upon seeing that view.”

National Trust’s Outdoor and Well-being ambassador, Jamie Roberts, said: “It has been really interesting to meet each of the ambassadors and hear how nature plays such a distinct role in their lives.

“I hope they now inspire people of every ability and circumstance to spend more time enjoying the benefits the outdoors brings.”

To find out more about National Trust Wales’ ambassadors and for inspiration on how to make the most of the great Welsh outdoors, visit: nationaltrust.org.uk/wales-nature-ambassadors