PONTYPOOL RFC are making “real headway” into resolving their home ground situation, according to CEO Ben Jeffreys.

However, despite this, the club are still “a million miles away” from reaching a solution.

In July, the club announced that they would leave Pontypool Park, the club’s historic home after being plagued by vandalism and anti-social behaviour at the Torfaen council-owned grounds.

Speaking to the Rugby Network, Mr Jeffreys said: “We are still encountering a lot of issues here at Pontypool Park, but I think we’re starting to make some real headway now in terms of moving things forward, identifying a few places where we could be playing next season.

“We have started to have some productive discussions with Torfaen Council and I think that they have got a real appetite now to resolve the situation.

“We are still a million miles away from reaching a sensible solution, but we’re working really hard.”

The club believe that a fence around the ground would prevent vandalism, but a 1920 covenant prevents Pontypool Park being used for anything other than full public use.

Mr Jeffreys added: “We are still having lots of problems here at Pontypool Park. The seats which we put in previously to satisfy the licence criteria have all been burnt, ripped out and destroyed.

“Drug use remains a massive issue here at Pontypool Park, and actually we had a very serious situation the other week where somebody approached our players on the field with a knife and the police had to be called.

“The support we have had from our supporters here at Pontypool Rugby Club has meant the world to us and has really given us a clear mandate to move forward, whether that is trying to resolve things here or moving to another site.

“There’s still a lot of work to be done but I think knowing that we have the Pooler army behind us at every step of the way is hugely encouraging for us.

“I think the next few months will be really crucial because we know we have to have this resolved going into next season going into the Premiership if we are successful in getting there.”