HARRY Potter-style magic potions, explosions and smoke rings were among mind-blowing demonstrations for primary school children at a science workshop in Monmouth.

Almost 750 children visited the town’s Blake Theatre on Wednesday, October 3, to watch an entertaining and educational show presented by Jessica Creak and Dr Jon Danks – chemistry teachers at Monmouth School for Boys.

Experiments included creating a rainbow of colours in beakers, before making them all disappear, and producing a stream of “elephant toothpaste”.

The eye-catching experiments kept children on the edge of their seats throughout.

Split over two performances, the hugely popular annual workshop was put on for pupils from 12 primary schools in the area, including Berry Hill, Walford, Raglan and Osbaston.

Both sessions were rounded off in spectacular style when hundreds of ping pong balls exploded like a firework from a bin filled with liquid nitrogen.

Dr Danks said: “Workshops and experiments like this create a wow factor for children and act as a shop window for science.

“The aim is to ignite the enthusiasm of children from the primary schools so they investigate further and become even more interested in science.”