A POST office could be relocated to a town's community hub under plans to safeguard the service.

Monmouthshire council officers are set to explore the possibility of, and produce a business case for the opening of a post office within Usk Hub, following the announcement of plans to close the current facility in Bridge Street, Usk.

A report prepared ahead of the cabinet member decision next week says: "Barclays Bank closed its doors at the end of September and the local sub-post office also announced is intention to close following the planned retirement of the existing postmistress.

"Attempts by the post office’s local area network manager to find someone willing to take on the operation proved unsuccessful and Usk presently faces the possibility of having no post office or banking service."

Informal talks have been held with the Post Office about the plans.

However, a council report says there is "little legal precedent" for local authorities operating such a service, in particular over the financial regulations and risks.

Further legal guidance will be needed before formally committing to an application, the report says.

Post office counter services would be expected to deliver an income of between £12,000 and £14,000.

If the opening hours were to mirror those of the current hub, this would not be enough to cover the 'uplift' in staff needed to cover counter services.

The report adds: "Longer term the closure of Barclays Bank on Bridge Street may result in the potential to increase income from counter services.

"However, at this stage the business case will developed on conservative estimates of future income streams that do not assume significant growth from factors outside the control of the local authority."

Further options were also discussed during consultations, including whether a cash point could be part of the offer and the "optimal location" for any potential service.

Monmouthshire's community hubs, approved in 2015, have been used for a range of services including food banks, libraries and one-stop shops.

A post office service would represent a further expansion of the hub offer though.

If approved, council officers will "explore the legal and financial position" about the potential to run a post office at the hub.