A STREET on the new Mill Meadows housing development in Sudbrook has been named “Lave Way” in honour of the traditional fishing methods used by members of a local fishery.

Black Rock lave net fishery secretary Martin Morgan believed the street name was a fitting tribute to the generations of fishermen who had lived in the village.

“Back in the day many lave net fishermen lived in the village and the lave net would have been a common sight there,” he said.

“The fishermen would often walk out into the estuary from the village.

“At present two lave net fishermen live in Sudbrook – Paul Watkins and Richard Harris .

“We are very proud and honoured that Redrow has used this name, and we are sure Sudbrook lave net fishermen of old such as William Corbin, Ron Williams, Smacker Williams, Bert Beasley, Perce House, and Eggy Williams – to name a few – would also be very proud.

“The name will now live for ever in the village and for that we are truly honoured and grateful to all concerned.”

Kate Lacey, area sales manager for site developer Redrow Homes, said: “We were delighted to receive various street names from the Council recently, and in particularly Lave Way, which we understand has great significance to those fisherman who still use lave nets to fish in the local waters.”

Monmouthshire County Council confirmed the street name had been suggested by the authority after consulting Portskewett community council.