THOUSANDS of motorists were recorded driving above the 30mph speed limit on a street being used as a “rat run” - in just seven days.

Around 3,800 vehicles were recorded as exceeding the legal speed limit in two locations on Park Crescent in Abergavenny during a recent traffic monitoring scheme, a Freedom of Information (FOI) request has shown.

Speeds of between 65mph and 70mph were also recorded in the residential area which is used by pupils walking to school.

It comes after a petition signed by more than 300 people, calling for the speed limit to be reduced to 20mph, was presented to Monmouthshire County Council (MCC) last week.

Renewed calls for urgent action are now being made.

The FOI, submitted to MCC, shows that over a seven-day period, 21.2 per cent of vehicles were recorded as exceeding the speed limit in one location of the street.

The total number of vehicles recorded was 12,292, meaning around 2,605 motorists were driving too fast.

In the other location used for the speed monitoring, 10.6 per cent of vehicles were recorded speeding.

A total of 11,898 vehicles had their speed monitored in that location, with 1,261 caught going over the speed limit.

The results also revealed that two vehicles were recorded as travelling at between 65mph and 70mph in one of the locations.

And at the other location, the highest speed was 60-65mph.

Monmouthshire council has said it is reviewing the results.

Cllr Tudor Thomas said the results of the FOI did not surprise him.

The Priory ward councillor said he wants to see a 20mph speed limit imposed as a matter of urgency, and believes that speed bumps may be needed in the longer term.

“I just feel in my gut that something is going to happen there,” he said.

“Either a child or an elderly person is going to be knocked down and seriously injured or killed.

“It’s a genuine concern.”

Roger Fury, a resident in the area who submitted the FOI, also called for urgent action to tackle speeding.

He said: “Park Crescent is a route for school children

“It’s a disaster waiting to happen.”

A spokesman for MCC said: “Officers are currently reviewing the results of the survey and in discussions with the local members about what can be done to help address the concerns of the local community.”

Gwent Police said it is aware of concerns around speeding in the area.

A spokeswoman for the force added: “GoSafe attended the area to monitor the speed of vehicles, with the average recorded as 27mph, which is currently under the threshold for enforcement.