SCULPTURE figures and a bench could be installed next to the site of a former cattle market in Monmouth.

The plans form part of an initiative by the sustainable transport charity Sustrans called Art of the National Cycle Network and are set to be decided at a Monmouthshire council planning meeting today (Tuesday).

Three sculpture figures would be made under the plans - a sheep with lamb, a cow and an auctioneer - varying in height and width between 0.8 metres and 1.6 metres.

A bench would also be built using recycled railway sleepers and will be located centrally to the front of the sculptures, measuring 0.7m in height and two metres long.

The development would be made on land next to Monnow Bridge, next to the former site of the town's centuries old cattle market.

Recommending the plans for approval, a council report says: "Whilst the sculptures will be prominent in their position and street scene, they are of a high quality design, distinctive and add interest to the locality by capturing the history of the old cattle market.

"The bench will be discreet and informal in its use of recycled railway sleepers and the sculptures will be constructed of steel."

A programme of archaeological work may have to take place prior to the development to protect any remains at the site.

Art on the National Cycle Network is an initiative working with artists, schools and communities to celebrate landmarks of an area.

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