DESIGNS for a new care home specialising in dementia care have been revealed.

The proposed home at Crick Road in Portskewett is planned to replace Severn View Residential Home in Chepstow which is described as "no longer fit for purpose."

A council report has set out the "case for change" and has revealed the finalised care home designs ahead of an adult select committee meeting on the proposals next Monday, November 26.

Outline planning permission was granted for a care home earlier this month as part of a development to build up to 291 homes at the site.

The proposed 32-bed care home will include 24 long-term beds, four short-term respite beds and four specialist therapy led rehabilitation beds.

An additional 16-beds is also being considered, with talks currently taking place over the proposal.

The design also includes shared spaces that will be used by both care home residents and the wider community.

The grounds incorporate a pavilion and village square for shared use, and specialist training will be provided to residents to improve understanding of dementia.

A council report says: "We have stressed the importance that the home does not just sit within a community but that it is fully integrated and a part of the community."

Four households of eight will be incorporated in the new care home, each with its own support team.

A homely feel is planned to be created, within a smaller space and household.

"People living with dementia can be overwhelmed by large spaces, too many people and too much noise," the 'case for change' report says.

"Smaller households mean shorter walking distances and better orientation which will increase the independence of the person."

Three teams of support workers will support residents from 7am to 10pm.

An outreach team to support people to stay in their home also forms part of the proposal, while the wider site is planned to include 'homes for life' and adapted bungalows.

However the proposal currently has a 'small imbalance' in funding, though it is hoped this may be bridged by an updated valuation of the Severn View site.

A report says Severn View Residential Home currently has a number of restrictions, including that it does not have en-suite bathrooms.

The layout of the home, with long corridors, can lead to 'feelings of restriction' among residents and is said to be "poor practice in care home design."

The home on two floors is also said to restrict access to outside spaces.

Councillors will discuss three options prior to the proposal coming before a full council meeting next month.

These are to retain Severn View with no development; to invite other providers to develop a care home on the site; or for the council to develop the Crick Road care home in partnership with the site development.