WITH Christmas shopping still in mind here’s two more photographs of shops on Chepstow High Street as they were a hundred years ago.

Coles, Saddlers and Harness makers had been going for 100 years in 1910, but it was a High Street trade rendered virtually obsolete with the arrival of the car and motorised transport.

Even the building at 6 High Street has long gone, pulled down and replaced by a modern substitute.

In the photo here the shop had still retained its small paned windows. Next door, Gulliford’s clock and watch repair business ran from the 1890s until the end of World War Two, selling jewellery, cutlery, and spectacles too.

Although the ground floor of this shop has been drastically altered, look up and you can still see the remains of the medieval shape of the building, once characteristic of many of the premises in the High Street.

Photograph from the collections of Chepstow Museum, ©Monmouthshire Museums