COED Eva Primary School has received praise in the latest Estyn report.

The Cwmbran school has been part of a federation with nearby Blenheim Road Primary School since 2016.

Pupils of all ages and abilities belong to the wide range of pupil leadership groups. These include the: Pupil Leadership Team (PLT), Eco Committee, Action Research Team, Editorial Team, Criw Cymraeg, Digital Leaders and the School Council.

The report found: “By taking on a wide range of responsibilities, pupils have enhanced their leadership skills.

“The scheme has had a positive impact on standards of behaviour and wellbeing, and has improved teaching and learning.

“Pupils remain motivated and engaged as they have a say in what and how they learn.

“Nearly all pupils are active participants within lessons, which, allows them to be reflective and understand what they need to do to continually improve.”

The PLT works alongside staff and the governors to observe lessons and provide feedback to pupils and teachers with the aim of improving the quality of teaching and learning.

The pupils’ Action Research Team acts as the voice for all pupils throughout the school. They are in charge of listening to the views of their peers and reporting them back to the staff.

The school’s staff have also received praise in the report.

The report highlighted that the staff take part in research to help optimise the pupil’s learning.

One such strategy is the development of six metacognition characters, designed by the students, and relevant stories, for example: ‘Self-believing Sam’.

Each character is introduced half termly via a whole school assembly, where the story is shared and the pupils have an opportunity to reflect on how they are going to use the characters learning traits within their lessons.

The report said: “The strategies were created to develop pupils’ confidence, independence and ability to overcome challenges in their learning.

“The school promotes a culture of inquiry and discovery by developing characters with relevant stories.

“Pupils’ wellbeing and attitudes to learning are very strong. Nearly all pupils behave in an exemplary manner in lessons and at break times.

“Nearly all pupils are very well motivated and engage highly effectively with their learning.”