“GOODE beer and cider, come and ye shall taste it” said a former sign above the door and this year the Greenhouse Inn celebrates 300 years – as it has been a public house since 1719.

The Inn is believed to have been converted from an old grain store used by the monks of Llantarnam Abbey since the 13th Century.

The building is now listed with CADW.

Archdeacon William Coxe visited The Greenhouse on his historical tour through Monmouthshire in 1799 and wrote in his Journal: “…[they have] a new ale in a turbid state before it is clarified by fermentation – this beverage is extremely forbidding to the sight and nauseous to the taste…”

Presumably the beer has been to other people’s taste for the public house to remain a popular venue for a further 220 years!

This photograph of The Greenhouse, taken on a warm summer’s day in the 1920s, is from the Torfaen Museum Trust archives and library, which is open to the public by appointment.