THE Abergavenny branch of the Royal Welsh veterans' association was presented with a new standard last week in a special dedication service at St Mary's Priory Church.

The service took place on February 6, marking the 67th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II's accession to the throne.

The Queen, who is the Royal Welsh regiment's colonel-in-chief, was represented at the service by her deputy lieutenant of Gwent, brigadier Russ Wardle.

Also attending the dedication service at the church were the mayor of Abergavenny, Teslin Davies; and councillors Sheila Woodhouse and Martin Hickman.

There, they were welcomed by the Royal Welsh's regimental mascot, Shenkin the goat.

The furled standard was brought in a procession down the aisle of the church while the organ played the regimental march, Men of Harlech.

It was then dedicated by Canon Mark Soady, who pronounced a Latin, Welsh and English blessing on it before praying the regimental collect in both Welsh and English.

After the dedication, Canon Soady called on all to remember that the standard represented the highest qualities of the regiment.

“Your regimental collect reminds us of the high place of valour, this standard represents Richard Hunt and the others of this Regiment from Abergavenny who gave their lives, we must be sure that all that we do honours their memory and the high standing of the regiment,” he said.