LEGENDARY Wales prop Adam Jones paid a visit to a Cwmbran school last week after pupils wrote him a letter inviting him in.

A year two class at Pontnewydd Primary School was learning about the rugby star, and their teacher, Jemma Angel-Farmer, encouraged them to write the letter.

She said: “All of the classes in school are named after Welsh towns. Every class had to find out about a famous person from their town.

Adam Jones visiting Abercraf class at Pontnewydd Primary School. Credit: Jemma Angel-Farmer.

“My class is named after Abercraf, where Adam is from.

“We were actually the only class that did ours on someone that was still alive, so we thought it would be great to try and get him to come in.

“Growing up I’ve met quite a lot of the Welsh rugby team. My nan's cousin is Dennis Gethin, the WRU president. Adam was one of the players that I had met quite a few times.

“The class decided what we were going to say, and one little girl, Ariana, wrote the letter to Graeme Bowerbank, head of rugby operations at Harlequins, where Adam is a coach.

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Ariana Jelley, who wrote the letter to Adam Jones, with the Welsh star. www.christinsleyphotography.co.uk.

“When he came in, they went absolutely wild. They thought he might come, but I hadn’t told them that he actually was.”

The letter read: “Dear Mr Bowerbank,

“My name is Arianna and I am six years old.

“We would really love to meet Adam Jones as we are learning about him in class with Miss Angel-Farmer.

“Please let him visit us, we have never met someone famous before.

“Love from Class Abercraf.

“PS please.”

The former Ospreys front row gave a talk to the children, before answering their questions and even offering them some coaching tips.

“He was great,” said Miss Angel-Farmer. “The children interviewed him for about 45 minutes. They asked if he would sing ‘Bread of Heaven’ with them, which he did.

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The letter that Ariana wrote to invite Adam Jones in to the school, signed by the Wales international. Picture: Jemma Angel-Farmer.

“They all had photos taken with him, and he went around and signed everyone’s photos.

“He was really lovely, the children really enjoyed it.

“One little boy’s mum said that he had gone home and said that he wanted to be a rugby player now.

“I was really excited as well, as I am a huge rugby fan. For the class to share that experience with me was amazing.”