CHARITY cyclist Ed Beverley-Jones has returned home to Monmouthshire, completing his 14-week, 3,000-mile journey to Mount Etna and back for St David’s Hospice Care.

Mr Beverley-Jones arrived in Abergavenny on Saturday, spending a short time at the town’s St David’s charity shop before scaling Sugar Loaf and depositing there a lump of volcanic rock he had collected on the slopes of Etna.

The Sugar Loaf ascent caps an incredible journey for Mr Beverley-Jones, who set off from the mountain in November last year. He spent much of the challenge sleeping outdoors and gathering his own food.

After successfully climbing Vesuvius, his attempt to conquer Etna’s summit was hampered by blizzards and a minor volcanic eruption. Mobile phone problems in Italy caused panic among the scores of supporters who were following his progress online.

Back in Abergavenny, Mr Beverley-Jones apologised for worrying his followers. “I dropped my mobile phone, which was totally crushed under the wheels of a massive lorry. It took me a week to get a replacement,” he said.

Last year, Mr Beverley-Jones raised £4,000 for St David's by riding to the Sahara and back.

Reflecting on his two journeys, he said: “This ride was much harder mentally and physically than my last one. It was very mountainous, twisting and turning roads all the way to Etna and back. The winds blasted through the passes and it was absolutely freezing with snow and sleet. The temperature fell to -11C on Etna, which wasn’t nice.”

Mr Beverley-Jones climbed Vesuvius on Christmas Day. He said: “I must admit I got some really weird looks from some people passing me with skis on their car roofs and me wearing just shirt and shorts.”

Mr Beverley-Jones is fast approaching his target of raising £10,000 for St David’s Hospice Care. If you would like to contribute, visit