A MOTION is being drawn up calling on Monmouthshire council to declare a 'climate emergency.'

Monmouthshire Community Climate Champions is calling on the county council to follow the lead of other local authorities across England and Wales who have recently passed similar motions.

A draft of the motion says the council would aim to make Monmouthshire zero carbon by 2030.

The draft motion, due to be discussed by councillors at a seminar next month, says: "Monmouthshire County Council is well placed to champion rural decarbonisation.

"It has already announced that its pension funds will be divesting from fossil fuels.

"It has some of the best electric charging infrastructure in Wales and has the potential to become 100 per cent self-reliant on zero carbon energy."

The motion says that bold climate action can bring economic benefits to the county, including new market opportunities, savings and jobs.

It also calls on the Welsh Government and UK government to provide resources and support to meet the 2030 zero carbon target.

The motion follows a campaign by the Green Party encouraging campaigners to make authorities take action to tackle climate change on a local level.

The campaign was started after a UN report warned that countries only have until 2030 to take emergency action to prevent global warming greater than 1.5°C, which could have devastating consequences.

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Phil Powell, from Monmouthshire Community Climate Champions, said: "We are trying to raise awareness among people and councillors that we need to move on from the present discourse.

"I know we are probably not going to get to zero carbon by 2030 but we have got to do as much as we can.

"There are loads of things we can do that pay for themselves, so it does not need to come at a financial cost."

And Mr Powell said he was pleased with the way Monmouthshire council had responded to the proposed motion.

"I am pleased that Monmouthshire is taking it seriously and rather than just pass a motion that is soon forgotten they wish to understand the situation and what can be done to make a real change," he added.

The motion is being backed by groups including Transition Chepstow and Chepstow-based solar energy company, Gwent Energy CIC.

Cllr Sara Jones, cabinet member for social justice and community development, said decarbonisation is "absolutely central to what the council needs to work towards."

She added: "It’s really important to understand more about the motion.

"A seminar open to all councillors will take place soon and we will invite local community groups to talk about the proposed climate emergency motion, and we will also hear from local and national climate change and decarbonisation experts."