A COUNCIL plan to build an events pavilion in the grounds of Abergavenny Castle has been given the backing of planning chiefs.

The £226k all-weather structure is intended to make use of empty space in the castle grounds and host an annual programme of events which would help generate income for the local authority’s museum service.

However concerns have been raised about potential noise disturbance to residents and the impact of the structure on the setting of the castle and its historic park and garden.

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Monmouthshire council's environmental health team has recommended a condition is included to minimise noise impact from events.

This would limit the number of events held each year at the pavilion and restrict when they can be held.

Under the plans a member of staff would also be on site to help manage noise issues.

Several homes are within 30m of the proposed pavilion, with gardens as close as 10m.

A council report acknowledges that music being played, particularly during evening hours, would have potential to cause disturbance to residents living nearby.

However the council's environmental health team says this is not enough reason to object.


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"While the music is likely to be audible at the nearest dwellings and therefore have the potential to cause some disturbance particularly during evening hours, having regard to the proposed frequency of events, finish times and management I do not anticipate the impact to be at a level that would merit this section objecting to the application," the report says.

Cadw, Welsh Government's historic environment body, had raised "significant concerns" over the impact on the castle and park and garden, but it has changed its view since revised plans put forward a smaller structure.

The planned pavilion has been reduced in length from 18.2m to 14m, narrowed in width from 9m to 8m and the height of the roof lowered to 5.4m.

Cadw says it would have a "moderate adverse impact" on the setting of the castle and grounds, but not a significant one.

Fourteen objections to the revised scheme were lodged, with concerns including noise issues, loss of views and traffic concerns.

Monmouth MP David Davies suggested the plans are referred to the planning inspectorate to assure residents the application is determined in a "fair and impartial way."

Mr Davies said concerns have been expressed that Monmouthshire council is both the applicant and the determining authority.

But the plans will be decided by Monmouthshire's planning committee on Tuesday, with a recommendation for approval.