YEW Trees are amongst the oldest trees in Britain and have witnessed many historical events over the years.

Traditionally found in graveyards and churchyards, Yew trees have an association with mystic happenings and immortality – probably because they can live up to three to five thousand years.

The oldest known Yew in Wales is in the village of Llangernyw in Conwy (c. 4,000 years old) but in the greater Gwent area are many of these ancient trees.

The museum sells a book on the Churchyard Yews of Gwent by the late Rev. J Daryll Evans who was priest-in-charge at Llanvihangel Pontymoel and Mamhilad in the 1980s.

A fascinating read.

Here is a very early twentieth century photograph of one of our local, yew-associated buildings; The Yew Tree Inn, Trevethin, which is still adjacent to the former vicarage at St Cadocs and was, until recently, a restaurant.

Nostalgia is provided by Torfaen Museum.