MONMOUTH AM Nick Ramsay has revealed how his love for pub quizzing has led to him hosting his own contests.

Mr Ramsay is well known for his passion for the hobby having met fellow Tory, MP David Davies, who later took him on as his researcher, at a pub quiz in a pub in Llandenny in 1998.

But the AM, who was elected in 2007, is now putting together his own quizzes for charity, having hosted ten over the last few years. His own quizzes included one raising £300 for Help For Heroes last December, and a quiz for the Monmouth Conservative Association in February.

“I realised that if I offered to do a quiz the very fact that I was hosting it gets people there and helps raise funds,” he said.

Mr Ramsay said he does the research himself, putting together a quiz with eight rounds with the ubiquitous picture section.

“I’ll do a round on food and drink, and I try to give a range of questions, from tricker ones to easier ones.”