THE GARNDIFFAITH community is working together to raise funds for a nine month old who was born with a misshapen head. When Kurt was just three weeks old his mum, Emma Parfitt, and dad, Jason, noticed that he only ever looked to the right.

As the weeks passed, Mrs Parfitt of Graigddu View, Garndiffaith, noticed that Kurt's head was very flat on the left side of the back of the head and protruding on the other.

She was told that Kurt had torticollis, which causes the head to tilt to one side, and was advised by the health visitor to try and correct this by using towels under his head when he was sleeping.

It was after trying this method and failing that she was informed about a corrective helmet.

After searching on the internet she came across a company called the London Orthotic Consultancy, who had a clinic in Cardiff. They diagnosed Kurt with severe right sided plagiocephaly and moderate to severe brachycephaly.

A helmet could be made to try and correct this but they would need to pay.

Mrs Parfitt said: "It was just before Christmas last year, so the timing could not have been worse. So we had to get a loan to cover the £1,950 needed for the helmet."

People in the local community have gathered together to help the family pay their loan. They have even set up the charity, Help in the Community, to raise funds for Kurt, and in the future they will continue to raise funds for other families in Garndiffaith.

The T P Sports and Social Club on Herberts Road is organising a range of fundraising events for the charity in the coming weeks.

Mrs Parfitt said: "The community support has been fantastic. The helmet has been amazing and we are over the moon with the results."

Two local men, Albert Cox, 63, and Dai Norman, 57, rode 31 miles from Pontypool to Blaenavon, Brynmawr, Abergavenny, Goytre and back, on Saturday to raise funds for Kurt.

To donate to the charity contact The T P Sports and Social Club on 01495 773394.