THE Tories and the Lib Dems have agreed to run Monmouthshire council.

In this month's local elections the area's Conservatives lost control of the council and have since been in talks with other parties to agree a coalition.

Today the Tories and the Lib Dems agreed a "partnership administration" - but with only 22 of the council's 43 seats the ruling group will have a majority of just one.

A total of 10 independent members and 11 Labour members will be in opposition.

Cllr Peter Fox, leader of the Tory group of 19 members, said he was "excited" at the opportunity to "build on Monmouthshire’s record of innovation and achievement".

He said the parties would take forward a "progressive agenda".

Cllr Phil Hobson, leader of the Liberal Democrat group of three councillors, said the parties "share a passion for Monmouthshire".

He said: "I know that the combined energies of this partnership will give all the people of the County of Monmouthshire a place they can continue to be proud of."

The council is set to elect its leader - likely to be Peter Fox - when it meets on Thursday.