I, AND I’m sure many other readers think it’s high time you called a halt to the oh-so-regular pathetic, childish feud between the Messrs Dix and Kirby, and their old adversary, Allan Pritchard. All their “Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah” politics via your letters columns are wearing a bit thin.

On a separate subject, I was disappointed that Ian Johnston, our Police Commissioner, demeaned himself, and responded to Norman Jones’ intimation that he (Mr Johnston) was responsible for the police video about treatment of detainees.
Though to his credit, Norman (“I have the answer to everything”) Jones, did apologise beforehand, lest he should have put his foot in his own mouth. I think it’s popularly known as hedging your bets.
S L Vigus
St. Arvans Chepstow