I WRITE in response to the decision by Natural Resources Wales to drop its objections to the proposed Circuit of Wales project.

Why am I not surprised? Could it be that the pound has the shout!

And as for the fact that the project will provide up to 9,000 jobs that is absolutely ludicrous I doubt if 900 will be found (from start to finish) and those will be low-paid and part-time. Mitigation rarely if ever works the environment is always the loser.

I think that now all the posturing is out of the way – it was always a done deal – we will see how beneficial this project is to the people of Blaenau Gwent.

I doubt if the infrastructure has been adequately investigated bearing in mind that most of these projects are computer generated and that loss of habitat, environment and biodiversity have not been factored in. I appreciate that Blaenau Gwent could be seen as a deprived area but to decimate the surrounding countryside for very short-term gain is not the answer.

Looking on the bright side when, in ten years’ time the project collapses (another white elephant) nature will undoubtedly, reclaim the site.

Graham Harris Llanellen Abergavenny