THE partner of a Newport eco-activist being held without charge in Russia says she has no idea where he is or when they will next speak.

Zaharah Ally said she was in complete shock when Anthony Perrett and the rest of the Greenpeace Arctic Sunrise crew were detained for a further two months without charge or bail.

But she said she was proud of the former Caldicot town councillor.

Ms Ally told the Argus: “I was in complete shock when the 30 Arctic Sunrise crew were detained for a further two months without charge or bail. It seems totally unacceptable and unfair that a peaceful protest can end in this manner with such a heavy handed response.

“Both Greenpeace and the consulate have been supportive and have provided regular updates, however the current whereabouts of Anthony is unknown. I have not had any direct communication with Anthony since the consulate telephone last Tuesday and it’s unclear as to whether I will for the detention period.

“I am concerned for Anthony’s wellbeing and without doubt know that this time will be difficult for the both of us. However, with the support of friends and family as well as the wider community including our MP’s Jessica Morden and Paul Flynn I am sure this will provide a great comfort for Anthony and myself during this uncertain period.

“It was comforting to see Anthony looking in good spirits during the hearing on Sunday and I am proud of him for being courageous and passionate for the sake of our future.”

Last Sunday Mr Perrett was remanded in custody on suspicion of piracy in a courtroom in Murmansk until November 24, pending an investigation.

A total of 30 activists were held when armed Russian officials boarded their vessel, the Arctic Sunrise.

Several members of the crew of the Arctic Sunrise had attempted to board the Prirazlomnaya platform to prevent it from drilling.

Mr Perrett, a former Caldicot Town Council councillor, is a tree surgeon and director of a community interest company that encourages the use of renewable energy. He also trains with the Severn Area Rescue Association (SARA).

Greenpeace is campaigning against attempts by companies to drill for oil in the waters of the Arctic, warning that a spill would be highly environmentally damaging and extraction of more fossil fuels will add to climate change.