PUPILS and staff at Dell Primary School in Chepstow buried a time capsule yesterday to celebrate the school’s 25th anniversary.

Each class from the school chose an object to put into the capsule which included a book review and a photograph.

The school on Welsh Street opened in January 1989 and now has 411 pupils.

The school invited guests to the ceremony which included Keith Rowlands, the school’s first head teacher, members of Chepstow Male Voice Choir, who have been rehearing at the school since 1989, and Sarah McGuinness, Monmouthshire council’s chief officer for education.

Mark Davies, a Year 4 teacher, spoke at the ceremony as he attended the school as a pupil back in 1989.

The school was due to plant a tree to commemorate the anniversary but rain postponed the planting.

It is hoped the tree will be planted in the next few days.