FLOOD warnings have been issued for rivers in Gwent tomorrow.

The flood warnings are for the Wye Estuary at Elmdale, Chepstow and near Tintern.

High tide at Newport is expected to reach 7.9 metres at 8:00 AM tomorrow morning. High tide at Tintern will be 45 minutes later than at Newport.

The previous high tide at Newport reached a level of 7.2 metres at 7:15 AM this morning. Due to the predicted levels for the next high tides this alert will remain in force until at least Monday mornings high tide.

Natural Resources Wales also issued a general warning to people living in coastal areas of Wales to be prepared for flooding tomorrow.

The warning comes as high tides combined with forecast gale force winds will cause a storm surge that could cause overtopping of defences in places.

The forecast now indicates the coastal flooding has the potential to be as severe as early January.