AFTER concern about funding for Monmouthshire council’s tourist information centres, officers will attend a special town council meeting to discuss plans for Chepstow’s tonight.

The council’s chief officer for regeneration and culture, Kellie Beirne, the head of operations, Roger Hoggins, the head of partnerships and policy, Will McLean and deputy leader Cllr Bob Greenland have been invited to attend an extraordinary meeting of Chepstow town council’s financial policy and audit and town amenities committees.

They will discuss opportunities for the councils to work together and co-fund projects or devolve services to the town council.

A county council spokesman said: “We have always enjoyed a productive relationship with the county’s town and community councils. So it is certainly not unusual for officers and members to attend their meetings at their request.

“We wish to help Chepstow town council to have more control and influence over the way services are delivered in the town through the ‘contribute, collaborate or transfer’ initiative that was agreed as part of the recent budget process.”

Ahead of the meeting, the county council has unveiled their plans for Chepstow’s tourist information centre.

As part of those plans between April and October two members of staff would operate Chepstow’s TIC. From Monday to Friday they would work for five hours a day and close for lunch. On Saturdays and Sundays they would work for seven hours and close for lunch. While between November and March it would be closed from Monday to Friday. On Saturdays and Sundays they would work for the same time as in April and October.

But the council spokesman said this is the only Monmouthshire TIC that has set proposals for opening times.

A proposal for £8,000 funding for an extension for the Bulwark Community Centre will be considered by the town council’s financial policy and audit committee at 7pm.

The extraordinary council meeting will start from 7.15pm.