A MAN who admitted causing criminal damage by throwing flour over his neighbour’s car left a trail of white powder from the vehicle to his property, a court heard.

Julian Riley, 39, poured the powder over a Mercedes belonging to Peter Elliot in Clydach, near Abergavenny, in September last year. He previously admitted the charge.

Newport Magistrates’ Court heard yesterday that Riley, who is also known as Julian Tapping and Imran Asad, had his own estimations made into the amount of damage caused after previously disputing a figure quoted by Mr Elliot’s mechanic Lee Kedward, of BP Motors in Cheltenham, of £7,397.

Riley, of the Main Road, Blackrock, Clydach,who previously lived in Davies Street, Brynmawr, produced an estimation of £400 by another car body repair shop which would cover claying, or polishing, the car to remove the powder.

Mr Kedward was called to court as a witness to clarify his estimation into how much it would cost to repair Mr Elliot’s car.

He described the powder as “like brittle concrete” and said damage was caused to the paintwork of the car and to the heating system.

He told the court: “Anything that sits on paint will eventually eat into it. The closest way to describe it is like concrete.

“When I saw the vehicle there was powder residue when you opened the bonnet.

“Not knowing what the powder was, I would still stand by what I said. There is no way I can give 100 per cent guarantee that none of the residue would have got into the car.

“I have a duty of care to my customers. I can’t take the risk that none of that powder had got into the heating system.”

Mr Kedward added that Mr Elliot had told him he thought the residue was embalming powder rather than flour.

Andrew Kendall, prosecuting, said Riley had also placed a large bag of gravel in front of the Mercedes and roofing tiles behind it during the incident which took place on September 21.

District judge Richard Williams adjourned the case until July 4 at Caerphilly Magistrates’ Court for sentencing as the prosecution planned to apply for an Asbo to be given to Riley.