YOUNGSTERS have been recognised for pursuing a robber who stole from an elderly man in Chepstow.

The four girls, aged 12 at the time, witnessed a man hit an elderly gentleman with an umbrella and make off with his money.

The girls not only helped the victim but chased the robber and later gave a description of the culprit to police.

Yesterday, the girls were given certificates that commended them for bravery at Chepstow Police Station from Inspector Roland Giles.

He said: “We wanted to thank you all for what you did that day. It was a great effort especially for someone your age so we were very impressed.”

Three of the friends, Megan Westerman, Amelia Goodwin, Aaliyah Lewis, collected their certificates.

The robbery happened on New Year’s Day, when the 73 year old victim went to a cash machine in Beaufort Square, Chepstow, and withdrew a large quality of money.

As he turned from the cash machine the offender grabbed the money.

The victim screamed for help and the girls, plus another friend, Millie Stones, ran over.

Two of the girls stayed with the victim and helped to pick up cash that the defendant had dropped before ringing the police, while two of the girls chased the defendant, but he disappeared from sight.

Once police arrived the four girls helped with police enquiries and thanks to their help, the culprit was arrested at a Chepstow address.

On January 31, Andrew Viveash,30, pleaded guilty to robbery at court and received a 20 month prison sentence.

Megan’s mum, Carla, added that all the mums are proud of what their daughters did.

The victims also sent a card to the girls thanking them for their assistance.