THE BIEBER shoe aiming to raise hundreds for Oakdale tot Ayla Mae Hemms has been auctioned off for £200 this month.

New Inn mum Khloe Waite was ‘really pleased’ after the shoe of pop star Justin Bieber sold for £200 at an auction on July 12. The shoe was won by Ralphie Waite aged 9 and his sister Beau aged 7 from New Inn.

The shoe which was Mrs Waite’s attempt to raise money for little Ayla-Mae who suffers from spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, and is also profoundly deaf, was auctioned at a charity event held at Maes Manor in Blackwood along with a range of items.

This comes following the heartbreaking news that Ayla-Mae Hemms will never walk after a recent scan on Ayla, who is 21 months old, has revealed her brain has not developed properly in four places, meaning stem cell treatment, which the family were fundraising for, won't be able to help her.

Initially the money was planned to have gone towards the operation to help her walk, but now parents Leigh Hemms, 23, who works for Wales and West Utilities, and Kelsey Jenkins, 21, Ayla-Mae’s full-time carer, are determined to keep fundraising to make her life as comfortable as possible.

But now the shoe has been given back to Ms Waite by the bidder with the intention for Ms Waite to sell it again for Ayla’s cause.

“The whole night raised £7,500,” Ms Waite said.

“Her parents are really pleased.

“The man who bid for the shoe has since given it back to my daughter as he thought it as a really lovely thing that we were doing.

“Around 150 people turned out to the event and the band ‘Bleeding Noses’ performed.

“My son Ralphie also auctioned off his singed Dragons Rugby ball for £300.

“We have put the shoe up in the attic for now, and if Bieber becomes popular again we will sell it to raise more money for Ayla.”