FORMER Welsh Rugby Union chief executive David Moffett wants to return to the board of the governing body – and then stand for the position of chairman.

Moffett, who held his position at the Union between 2002 and 2005, has written an open letter after growing frustrated by the spat between the WRU and the regions over funding.

“I have read with utter disbelief the latest saga in the wars of Welsh rugby,” he wrote.

“The fact that most of the rugby world is shaking its head at the shenanigans of both the WRU and the regions should be a matter of national shame.”

The 66-year-old was at the helm when regional rugby was introduced in 2003 and went on to have a brief spell as chief executive of Regional Rugby Wales, the body that represents Newport Gwent Dragons, the Ospreys, Cardiff Blues and the Scarlets.

He believes both parties are to blame for the spat and that it is vital that an extraordinary general meeting is held.

“I think the only way that we will get to the bottom of this regrettable episode in Welsh rugby is for the clubs to call an EGM,” he wrote.

“The reason for calling an EGM is so the clubs can ask the WRU and regions a series of questions aimed at getting at the truth.

“Claim and counter claim in the media does nothing for the trust that the clubs have placed in the board and executive.

“I have to believe this will be a lot cheaper than wasting money on lawyers. Money that could go to the grass roots of the game.”

“I will be seeking a position on the board of the Welsh Rugby Union and if I am elected will stand for the position of chairman,” he continues.

"I am doing this because of my concerns for the future of Welsh rugby and I believe that my management and leadership style will offer a new way forward.

"A way that is built on mutual respect and trust with a promise to recognise; firstly the importance of the clubs and secondly the regions to the future of Welsh rugby.”

Two clubs would need to back Moffett if he is to become a director representing one of the nine WRU districts and he would then need to win an election.

To become chairman Moffett would need to be elected to the board, be nominated by its members then win a vote.