A SEVEN-YEAR-OLD Torfaen motorhead believed to be youngest deaf racing driver in the world will be competing in major UK championships this spring.

Caleb McDuff, of Henllys, Cwmbran, will take part in the Bambino karting championships in complete silence from April.

The schoolboy is part of the WIX Racing team which competes in the prestigious British Touring Car Championships.

He has also just received backing from UK oil company Millers Oils, which will provide technical support and oil products for his kart.

His mechanic dad Ian, 34, said yesterday: “He can’t hear his own engine.

“Everything has got to be done by feel.

“A lot of perception of speed comes from noise.

“He’s not getting noise feedback on the tyres. He learns to feel it. He’s adapting with what he’s got. It’s amazing how well he does.”

Caleb lost his hearing after suffering from ear infections aged two.

He is to take part in seven Bambino kart races during the 2015 season running from April to October.

Mr McDuff said he only knew of two hard of hearing racing drivers outside the UK.

They are based in the US and the Netherlands and are both adults.

He added there were a few in the UK but said they did not follow Caleb’s professional path.

Jason Lavender, business development manager for motorsport at Millers Oils, said: "Millers Oils are happy to be involved with a young, talented and up and coming racer.

"We are proud to offer our help and technical support this coming season."

Mr McDuff added: "It is great that some of the biggest names in motorsport are putting their weight behind Caleb as he aims to fulfil his ambition of becoming the first profoundly deaf Grand Prix driver.”

Caleb has lost 90 per cent hearing in both ears and is learning sign language at Nant Celyn Primary in Cwmbran.

His teacher Janet Craig, 47, said: “I have been to see him when he raced in Cardiff.

“It’s really fantastic. It’s such an unusual thing.

“He’s going in there with no hearing, no sound.

“There is such determination on his face.

“You can see his mind racing. He absolutely adores it. It’s a passion for him.”