BLACKPOOL boss Gary Bowyer immediately called for action to be taken after the “horrific” and “disgraceful” events that unfolded just before the end of his side’s 3-1 win at Rodney Parade.

The League Two match was deep into injury time when Bowyer’s men broke away to score their third goal and end Newport County AFC’s hopes of snatching a draw.

The visitors didn’t hold back when celebrating Bright Osayi-Samuel’s late strike, which was followed by “missiles” being thrown from the Hazell Stand in the direction of the Blackpool players and staff.

Bowyer, whose team are now eight games unbeaten, said afterwards that a hard-boiled sweet had hit him on the lip during the incident.

“It is a disgrace, an absolute disgrace,” said Bowyer.

“That will be investigated by the FA, but if I was the manager of Newport I’d certainly want it investigated, because that was horrific, that was out of order. You shouldn’t see scenes like that.

“All we were doing was celebrating a hard-fought win with that third goal and then the missiles came.

“There were sweets, hard-boiled sweets, I think there was a bottle, and there was lack of stewarding.

“One hit me right on the lip, and I wouldn’t mind but it wasn’t my favourite flavour.

“But, in all seriousness, there has to be action taken. You can’t have that.

“If that hits somebody in the eye, even a member of their staff, you’re in trouble. It is disgraceful.

“The worse thing was if I had done something or retaliated to the crowd, guess what? I’d be in trouble.

“Just because you pay some money to get into the game doesn’t entitle you to do that.

“Abuse, banter, no problem. Have all that, and we did all game, but you can’t have that, it has no place in football.

“The FA have to act, it’s as simple as that. Newport County should act as well.”

When asked what he saw, County caretaker manager Michael Flynn said: "Tempers spilled over a little bit and I was just trying to calm the fans down.

"They scored the third, their manager got a bit excited, and so did our fans.

"I saw a young boy crying which I didn't like, so I was just trying to calm everyone down.

"I'm not sure if he was scared or upset that we'd lost the game."

County are expected to make a formal statement on the matter early next week.