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Dorset County Council

Notice ID: MF0200566

Notice effective from
16th February 2017 to 18th March 2017

Dorset County Council
TemporaryClosure of VariousRoads,Tricketts Cross
DORSET COUNTY COUNCIL intend, not less than sevendaysfromthe date of this notice to make an Order underSection 14[1]ofthe Road Traffic Regulations Act 1984,asamended.All vehicles will be prohibitedfromproceeding along;
[I] StaplefordAvenue,fromthe junction withGreensomeDrive, to thejunction withFairways.

[2]GleneaglesClose,fromthe junction with GreensomeDrive
[3]Greensome Drive,fromthe junction with Fairways to approximately outsideno
38,Greensome Drive.
[4]Fairways,fromthe junction with Turbary Road,tothe junction with Greensome Drive.
[5]Dugdell Close,fromthe junction with LockyersDrive,toapproximately outside 91 DugdellClose.
[6]PetwynClose,fromthe junction with Barns Road,toapproximately outsideno 33 Petwyn Close
[7]Tamar Close, from thejunction with Severn Road,toapproximately outsideno 79,Tamar Close
[8]SevernRoad, from thejuunction withBarns Road,tothe junction withTamar Close. [9]Derwent Closefromthe junction with Barns Road,toapproximately outsideno 48,Derwent Close.
[10] ThamesClose,fromapproximatelyoutside1,ThamesClose to approximately outside75, ThamesClose.
[II] TrentWay,fromthe junction with Humber Road,tothe junction with Thames Close.

[12]MedwayRoad, from approximatelyoutside no 126, Medway Road,tooutsideno 82 Medway Road.
[13] Bolton Crescent from thejunction with CorbinAvenue,tothe junction with
Barns Road.
[14] Emberley Close,fromthe junction with CorbinAvenue,toapproximately outsideno6,Emberley Close
[15] AmeysLanefromthe junction with Turbary Road,toapproximately outsideno
35,Ameys Lane.
[16] PickardRoad, from thejunction with AmeysLane, to thejunction with Turbary
[17] Ford Close,fromthe junction with theA347, to approximatelyoutside no 21, Ford Close.
The orderisneeded in order to comply withHealthand Safety Regulations which requirethe provision of safe working areasand to minimisethe likelihood of danger to HighwayUsers. It will come intooperation on;[1] 01 March2017[2] 01 March 2017 [3]01March2017to02 March2017[4] 02 March2017[5] 03 March2017[6] 06 March2017[7] 06 March2017[8] 07 March2017[9] 07 March2017[10]08March 2017 [11] 08 March2017[12]08March 2017to 10 March2017[13]10March 2017 [14] 10March2017[15]10March2017to 11 March2017[16]11March 2017 [17] 11 March2017and will remain in forcefor 18 months. However it is anticipated that the workswill be completed withinthe timeframesabove.
This orderwill enableDorsetCountyCouncilsafeaccess to carryout carriageway resurfacingand maintenancework.
Alocally signeddiversionroute will be signposted on site (where possible).
If youwouldlikefurther information aboutthe work being undertakenpleasecall
DorsetHighwayson 01305 228100.
Forfurther information concerningthis order please call Dorset Highways Traffic
Teamon 01305 221020.
MIKE HARRIES,Director forEnvironmentand theEconomy,CountyHall, Dorchester,Dorset, DT11XJ.


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Dorset County Council

County Hall , Colliton Park , Dorchester , Dorset , DT1 1XJ 01305 251 000


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