A great letting agent has much, much more to offer than simply setting up a tenancy. They can help landlords find the perfect tenant, perform credit checks, gather references, organise deposits, arrange viewings and compile inventories.

But did you know that there are a lot of extra valuable services they can offer you?


This is a key area where an agent can help. During a tenancy, they can identify the necessary maintenance and sort out whose responsibility it is, as well as organise contractors for you, often at discounted rates.

Helping in an emergency

In maintenance emergencies like a gas leak, letting agents will have access to professional, round-the-clock contractors to swoop in and save the day. They can also organise specialist insur-ances, to make sure that your property and tenants can stand well protected against the worst of problems, without hurting your pockets.

They will have a better understanding of what a landlord needs out of insurance deals and what things they need to look out for.

Knowing the law

A vital resource is a letting agent’s extensive knowledge of the law involved with being a landlord.

In a fast-paced industry that constantly evolves, their expertise is invaluable.

When it comes to collecting late rent or serving eviction notices, they can keep you informed of your rights, to make sure everything runs smoothly and legally.If you fail to follow the correct procedure, you could well find yourself in trouble with the law.

Starting up properly

As well as these fantastic services that an agent can give you throughout a tenancy, they can also offer a helping hand before your tenants even move in – even before you’ve secured a property.

Agents are always happy to share their thoughts with new landlords or budding investors looking for a place to start.

They can view a property on your behalf, compiling an extensive report which highlights all the potential pitfalls, as well as all the great aspects about a building that will make it a good investment.

They can also investigate timescale, to let you know how long it will be and how much work needs to be done before you can let your tenants move in.

While you’re busy with the stressful parts of modern life, you can rest assured that a good letting agent will cut down on the difficult search for that perfect property, as well as provide a helping hand throughout your successful life as a landlord.

There are some fantastic letting agents in the local area, so if you are a landlord, or are thinking of becoming one, why not get in touch with them to find out about the extent of the service they can offer you?