First minister Mark Drakeford has given an update on plans to reopen gyms and outdoor hospitality in Wales.

Mr Drakeford was in Newport today, along with Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer.

The first minister was asked about plans to open gyms a week earlier than originally planned.

Last week, the Welsh Government said they hoped gyms, leisure centres and fitness facilities would be able to reopen on Monday, May 3.

While the planned opening date for organised outdoor activities and outdoor wedding receptions would be moved forward to Monday, April 26, in line with the resumption of outdoor hospitality.

Speaking today, Mr Drakeford said that thanks to people continuing to the "sensible things", those plans still remained.

He said: "I am very glad to see the way in which people in Wales continue to stick to the rules.

"The fact that people have means that we are hoping to be able to open gyms a week earlier than we had originally thought and open outdoor hospitality on April 26, along with a whole list of other restrictions we want to lift over those three weeks.

"If people were to act as if Covid was over and we as if we did not need to go on doing those sensible things then my fear is we would see it coming back and coming back quickly.

"It is because of all the effort that we are making that we are in that better position we are in."


Mr Drakeford added: "We have done a lot of things and we need a small pause to make sure that those things aren’t going to bring the virus flooding back again.

"It is just a public health measure not to do to many things at once.

"Luckily, the figures are down again today, so it looks like we have done all those things - schools are back, shops are open, close contact services are up and running - and we are not seeing an adverse affect from it.

"But it is right to test it and providing everything is good we can get on with reopening more areas of our society."

This is what we can expect in Wales over the next month:

From Monday April 26:

  • Outdoor attractions, including funfairs and theme parks, will reopen;
  • Outdoor hospitality can resume;
  • Organised outdoor activities for up to 30 people can again take place;
  • Wedding receptions can take place outdoors for up to 30 people.

From Monday May 3:

  • Gyms, leisure centres and fitness facilities can reopen to individual or one-to-one training, but not exercise classes;
  • Extended households will again allow two households to meet and have contact indoors.
  • A small number of pilot events of between 200 and 1,000 people are also being planned.