AN INDEPENDENT café in Newport has welcomed people into their new outdoor area.

The Pot Café, based in Newport Arcade, opened their outdoor area – with permission from Newport City Council – on Monday April 26. Venues in Wales are currently unable to allow people to eat or drink indoors due to coronavirus restrictions.

The independent business has been offering takeaway since mid-February, with business owner Angela Roberts pleased to see some smiling faces.

Ms Roberts said: “We opened on Monday and it was awesome seeing people all in one place, socially distanced of course.

“I’m pleased that the date for indoor service has been brought forward to May 17 and I might keep the extra outside seats if customers like it.

“Loads of people are dying to get out and have a meal or coffee in a café or restaurant. I’ve turned a far few people away because they wanted to sit in, so they obviously want to get back to normal.

“I get the vibe that people will be supporting small businesses now – I really hope they do.”

The outdoor area (Picture: The Pot Cafe)

The outdoor area (Picture: The Pot Cafe)

Ms Roberts added that she hopes that people who’ve started businesses from their homes amid the Covid-19 pandemic decide to set up shop on High Streets and suggested that the government, or local councils, could help these businesses.

“It’s really important to support the High Street, shop local, shop small,” said Ms Roberts.

“The big boys are crumbling. Independently run businesses can save the High Street with the help of the local – if people use the town centre it’ll stop it from turning into a derelict, dirty, no go area.”

She reminded the public to not 'go crazy' as restriction ease, adding: “We [staff] are getting the lateral flow tests so we know we're safe. It's free so if you're working with the public go and get some.”