Based on 175 acres of farmland just a short drive from the stunning Rhossili Bay, Hillside Farm offers an ideal glamping location.
Follow the winding lanes down to the Gower, the farm is located off a narrow lane, appearing almost out of nowhere.
We arrived at around 6pm on Friday, and after parking up, we were welcomed by the friendly and ever helpful Taylor family who have farmed in the area since 1840. 
There are two generations of the family on the farm, Ellen and Andrew, as well as Amy, Ross and Robert who also help out.
Pygmy goats, sheep, around 40 chickens, rabbits and two dogs share the spectacular farmland which lies within the Gower Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
Ellen showed us to one of the canvas lodges which are situated close to the farm house and offer views across the Gower Peninsula.
Using a wheelbarrow we transported our luggage from the car park to one of the luxury tents.
We were shown how to use the wood burning stove, the oil lamps and cool chest.
With three of us staying the lodge felt spacious and comfortable, with a bunk bed, cupboard bed and double bed.
The tent has a sofa, kitchen sink, flushing toilet and kitchen equipment.
A wooden terrace and deckchairs provide the perfect place to sit outside and read a book, while there is also a play area with a slide and a football goal nearby.
Upgrade to the canvas frills lodge and you even get an ensuite bathroom with a warm shower and basin.
Just a short walk from the lodge and goats and sheep roam the farmland.
Children are welcome to feed the animals on the farm, something which my younger sister very much enjoyed.
Communal showers are nearby and there is also an honesty shop providing all of the essentials.
The farm is part of the Feather Down concept which started in the Netherlands and has spread across Europe.
It is said to offer a ‘unique’ experience as children can play in a safe environment surrounded by farm animals.
After a day of travelling we went to stretch our legs on the first night, and directed by Ellen, followed a footpath from the farm and overlooking the bay.
With the sun setting the views were spectacular, and we realised how close the farm is to the beach.
Here, animals have right of way over motorists and we saw this in action on our first night.
Horses trotted along the road at their own pace, while motorists, returning from a day at the beach, were made to wait behind.
After a walk seeing lambs in the fields and ponies racing, we returned to the lodge where darkness quickly descended.
Candlelight lit up the tent as we sat around the table and made plans for the days ahead. 
Temperatures dropped during the night, but wearing an extra jumper, I slept soundly in the comfortable bunk bed.
On Saturday morning we were greeted by blue skies and sunshine and decided to go to the beach.
We decided to walk, which takes 30-40 minutes going down and 40-50 minutes coming back up the hill.
Voted Wales’ Best Beach 2018 in the TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Awards, Rhossili Bay is truly stunning.
Three miles of golden sands and beautiful coastline make it an ideal place to stay for the day.
It is also an excellent surfing beach for beginners, like ourselves, and the more experienced.
After a trip to the village we made our way back in time for the Taylors’ popular pizza night.
It was a welcome relief not to worry about cooking after the walk back up the hill.
Families chose their own toppings and the pizza was cooked in an outdoor pizza oven within minutes.
The meal was delicious and substantial.
For the rest of the evening we relaxed in the lodge, enjoying the quiet site and tranquil setting.
Sunday was our last full day so we were up bright and early.
I could hear an early rising sheep and the birds were in full voice.
We packed up a few snacks and headed down to the beach. 
The weather was slightly cooler than the day before, though still dry and warm, while the sea also felt colder.
The waves were also choppier, so we stayed in the shallower water and enjoyed watching the more experienced surfers battling the sea.
After an enjoyable lunch, it was time to cross to the Worm’s Head island.
A rocky causeway links the island to the mainland, leaving walkers two-and-a-half hours before and after low tide to make the crossing.
Taking care across the rocks, we thoroughly enjoyed the rare chance of walking across the seabed and the stunning views in every direction.
We walked back to Hillside Farm across Rhossili Bay and up the winding lanes. 
On one occasion we nearly took a wrong turn, but after mentioning the names of the Taylors’ farm, locals quickly pointed us in the right direction.
Upon returning we lit the wood fired stove one last time and enjoyed a cup of Welsh Brew which we had bought from the honesty shop.
We took one last look around the farm on Monday morning, fed the chickens and said goodbye to the Taylors.
It had been a busy yet relaxing break, and we all felt re-energised.
Hillside Farm had offered the perfect spot to explore the breathtaking beaches, switch off from the stresses of everyday life and enjoy time together as a family.
We all hope to come back again.
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