I FEEL I need to respond to the letter written by Mr Banfield concerning the leaflet that Torfaen and District Gospel Partnership distributed at the Pontypool Carnival.

We do not want to cause offence or to make people feel threatened. It was our intention to draw peoples’ attention to what the Bible says about the consequences of ignoring God. Would a parent be accused of threatening a child if they warned the child of the consequences of playing with fire? No they would be showing love and care for that child. It was always our intention to show a loving concern for the people of Pontypool.
As Christians we are greatly concerned at the apathy relating to God and His word. I know that many people in Pontypool are unconcerned or do not agree with the statements in the leaflet and that is their right, as it is our right and responsibility to share information of such importance.
It is our belief that not only should we highlight the dangers of ignoring God, but also speak of His love for each one. He cares deeply enough to give us free choice.
Stuart Taylor
Chapel Lane Croesyceiliog