IF ANIMALS just operate instinctively and are incapable of imagination, creative and inventive thought, Tom McCarthy, I wonder if you could kindly explain in detail why, for example, African Grey parrots possess the ability to associate simple human words with meaning and to intelligently apply abstract concepts of shape, colour, number, zero-sense (etc)?

According to Prof Irene Pepperberg and other ornithologists, they perform many cogitative tasks at the level of dolphins, chimpanzees and even human toddlers. This proves that humans are not “created” by any supernatural entity (‘God’) and that the Bible as a guide to science is indeed akin to it being written by a bunch of superstitious goatherders!
I do stick by my original point regarding the hatred exposed by Christianity; i.e. love Jesus or you will go to Hell to suffer eternal punishment. Hardly a loving religion is it? Give me rational humanism any day!
Terry Banfield
Cardigan Crescent Cwmbran