IN 1951 after the atrocities in the Second World War, Britain proudly signed up to the UN refugee convention, proudly boasting that we would never again allow fellow humans to suffer and would offer them safety, in our country, but this principle is being buried by political propaganda and distorted facts and figures by mainstream media, and using asylum-seekers as a scapegoat for the country’s economic problems.

Illegal immigrants (not asylum-seekers) have no right to be in the country and are violating immigration laws, and in order to claim asylum you have to make yourself known to the authorities, economic migrants are mobile and can arrive legally in other countries to find work and can come and go because their home country does not pose a threat to them.

Just 2.6% of immigrants are seeking asylum; we do not have large numbers here because geographically it is not practical nor accessible for those with limited resources, and are not allowed benefits like income support, tax relief, jobseeker’s allowance, housing benefit or child benefit. These groups are deliberately being lumped together by this most brutal, vicious and downright evil government in British history, there is no depth to which these ministers will not sink, no lie they will refuse to tell, and no vulnerable person they will not persecute.

T King Five Locks Road Cwmbran